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New Bosch boiler system for herbal medicines from ...

A new Bosch steam boiler system has gone into operation at Bionorica SE in Neumarkt in Bavaria (Germany). With a total output of ten tons of steam per hour the two single-flame tube boilers are supremely able to meet the increased requirement for process heat for manufacturing the company's herbal medicines.

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For 10COC TDS = 225 x 10 = 2250 pm If conductivity is checked then 2250/0.7 = 3214 mhos Example 3 A 150psig boiler produces 40000 lbs of steam /hr. the blow down is calculated based on maximum COC of 15.6 B = E/(C-1) = 40000/(15.6-1) = 2740lbs/hr Blow per day = 2740 x 24 = 65760 Blow down gal/day = 65760/8.33 = 7894 gal/day Example 4 A boiler of 450psig and with 40000 lbs of steam /hr has maximum COC = 10.

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